Sunday, 31 March 2013

Elementary Mathematics_A Pre-course reading

Elementary Mathematics (a Pre-course reading )

Chapter 1

Reading through some of the standards on teaching Mathematics, I found that some of it is a bit difficult to understand. My next reaction is "Will we have a similar standard in Singapore"? The KCG (Kindergarten Curriculum Guide) does not have enough content to enforce similar standards like in the US. 

Learning Mathematics should start once the baby is born. Mothers should be singing nursery rhymes that has Maths content to their children. It gives a personal touch to the child.

Becoming a teacher of Mathematics is for the teacher to persist, have a positive attitude and always ready for change. Most importantly, ask yourself if you love the children and what do you want to do for children under your care. 

Chapter 2

The learning theory

The importance of having opportunities for children to try out their thoughts using physical materials / manipulatives and to solve the problem through social interaction and reflection.

Children are taking out some unifix cubes from the feely bag. They are to fix and count the cubes. Afterwhich, they are to record in their papers. They then ask their friend next door how many cubes they have god and record down in their papers.

Respect the children and give them time to experiment for themselves. Let them talk to their friends asking them their experiences. 

Relational Knowledge

In designing the teaching, teachers need to plan and design instruction on how to elicit prior knowledge to challenge the students to think critically and creatively. In the process, engaging the students to share their ideas to one another, taking into account their social and cultural background.

Developing Mathematics Proficiency

Should young children develop their Mathematics proficiency at a young age, they need to remember less as they proceed on in school. They could spend their time on other learning. In order for us to reach this goal, the lessons must be carefully crafted and more time to be given to children to construct their knowledge on Maths. If school time is not enough, I think we should ask parents to work with their child and suggest for some bonding time to increase their contact time on Maths.